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Greta Stelli

Psychologist, offering 1:1 online consultations

Everybody has their own Olympics 

I am passionate about providing professional guidance to my clients, supporting them on their journey to address personal challenges and to find peace, balance and health.  Whether it is a long-standing obstacle or just a recent experience you would like to share, I am here to help you overcome the various challenges you face in your life. I welcome you to my 1:1 online consultation sessions with a warm and empathetic approach. With flexible time slots available, you are able to join in from around the world. 


Working with an extensive group of international clients has led me to build expertise in a variety of topics, including bridging cultural differences. During consultations I apply techniques mainly from sport psychology, art therapy and coaching. In my experience, this holistic approach works effectively for clients aiming to learn more about themselves,  cope better, or prepare for their next challenge.


About me


I am a professional psychologist specializing in performance psychology. I have experience living in Europe and the USA, and I also spent a short period of time in China. These experiences combined with my techniques allow me to help you achieve a higher level of confidence and resilience, and teach effective mental tools to reduce stress and manage mood. Since the beginning of my career, my motivation has been seeing my clients discover their strengths and thrive in various fields by overcoming challenges. 


Topics and themes we can work on together

  • self-awareness

  • career orientation

  • relationship issues

  • work-life-balance

  • stress management and improving coping strategies

  • conflict management

  • burnout treatment

  • overcoming stressful situations associated with travel, moving or studying abroad, culture shocks, integrating into the new cultural environment

Performance psychology related solutions

  • mental preparation for competition

  • visualization, mental training and error correction

  • goal setting and form timing

  • sharpening focus

  • increasing self-confidence, attitude and emotional control

  • improving the coach-athlete and team-athlete relationship

  • planning life/career after retirement


Penn State University (2021-2023)

International Affairs and International Business (MA)

University of Physical Education, Budapest (2021-)

Sport Psychology (professional specialization program)

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (2018-2020)

Psychology (MSc)

Licensed Psychologist

Karoli Gaspar University (2015-2018)

Psychology (BA)

Human Behavior Analyst

Work Desk


1:1 consultations

Online, via Zoom

70 USD / 50 mins or 70 EUR / 50 mins 

Please use the contact information box below to send me a message regarding booking consultations. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out as well.

Thank you.

Thank you for your message! I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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